March 30, 2012

Application Requirements

Application requirements:

  • Fluency in Dutch is required.
  • Your CV should include your GPA (grade point average) since you are not obliged to upload your grade list.
  • Your CV is allowed to take two pages, but one is preferred.
  • Upload your CV (in English) in a PDF file.
  • The name of the file should be your first name followed by your last name (e.g. ‘firstname_lastname.pdf’).

Participants of the QFT are required to pay a participation fee of €200. This fee includes your accommodation, flight and several meals. So, your own expenses are excluded.

Application tips can be found here. Make sure you use them, since the selection will be done by the participating banks.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@qft.nl.